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 1985 Brotman Medical Center Sprain

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PostSubject: 1985 Brotman Medical Center Sprain   Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:30 am

July 30, 1985. MJ sprains his hand while filming Captain EO.

August 1, 1985. Michael Jackson, who sprained a hand during filming of Captain Eo, a Walt Disney Productions science fiction musical, took a break after treatment to visit a fan in the Michael Jackson Burn Ward at Brotman Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles. The pop star, who wears a trademark sequined glove on his left hand, hurt his right hand Tuesday when he was pushed against an object during a dance sequence, said his physician, plastic surgeon Dr. Steven M. Hoefflin. Jackson was treated at Brotman Memorial Hospital, where he had been taken after his hair caught fire during filming of a Pepsi-Cola commercial last year. While at the hospital, the singer visited the burn ward dedicated after his treatment and chatted with Caroline Kuromi, 25. He left the hospital still wearing his white-and-silver space suit, and waved to reporters.

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1985 Brotman Medical Center Sprain
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