Following the rules

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Following the rules

Post  hessmess24 on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:04 am

signatures 1. All members are permitted to have a signature that does not exceed 400 pixels in width and 200 in Height
2. All Donor can have a signature that does not exceed 600 pixels in Width and 400 pixels in height
3. Registered user can have one additional pictures that does not exceed 150 pixels
4. Signatures must not contain any pornographic images
The Gallery
1.mjacksonforever does not own or claim to own any images uploaded to the site
2. If a member finds images that belong to them or someone else and are not credited for please contact a member of the team
3.No pornographic images are allowed in the gallery
The team
The team here at mjacksonforever are very friendly group of people who are here to make sure your time with us is enjoyable as possible. We are not here to watch over anyone but to make the forum a friendly community of fans We are here to answer your questions, assist with technical issues. Please respect the team they are here to make things comfortable for everyone.
Please note the following:
.Team members can close or delete any thread/post they feel are not suitable for discussion and not give a reason.
2. If a thread or a post has been closed or deleted, you may not restart that thread or post.
. If you should have a question or complaint regarding the teams work, please send us a PM. Never discuss such issues publicly.
hank you for taking your time to read these rules and guidelines. We hope you enjoy your time at mjacksonforever

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